Texas Caddo Indians : Fire  LbNA # 45876 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateMar 6 2009
LocationWeches, TX
Found By 3 Tall Trees
Last Found Jun 6 2009
Hike Distance?

Caddo Indians:
Fire was an important part of their religious tradition. Each house kept a sacred fire going all the time. At the main temple there was also a fire that burned all the time. These fires were built a special way. They would place four logs in the shape of a cross around the central fire. One log would point north, one east, one south and one west. As the fire burned the ends of these logs the people would push them in to the center. A home fire would have small logs and a dance ground would have big logs to last longer. Fire was believed to be a part of the sun and the sun represented the highest God. The arms are the logs and the small circle in the middle is the fire.

Directions: Mission Tejas State Park park is located 21 miles northeast of Crockett and 12 miles west of Alto on State Highway 21. The entrance to the park is in Weches, where Park Road 44 intersects with State Highway 21.

To the Box:
Make your way to the pond and take the trail to the left, crossing the spillway. ( The pond will be on your right).
Follow the trail to the next bridge and cross it. Turn left at tge bench and go to the next intersection.
Turn left here and go over the bridge. Follow this trail up the hill until you see the sign that says “LIGHNING TRAIL”
From the farthest end of the sign and go 106 steps to a trio of pine trees on your right. From here, go 47 steps to a large pine tree on your left with a smaller tree growing beside it. Go behind the tree on the LEFT side where the box is hidden at the base.