Sitting Pretty  LbNA # 45880

OwnerLone Star Quilter      
Placed DateMar 5 2009
LocationMexia, TX
Found ByBulldogger (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 21 2012


I saw a little bluebird
Sitting pretty in a tree;
I looked up at him
And he looked down at me.

I saw a little bluebird
Sitting pretty on a limb;
He looked down at me
And I looked up at him.

What do you think youíre doing,
Sitting pretty in that tree:
I asked the little bluebird,
And he replied to me:

ďIím just sitting pretty,
ĎCause thatís what bluebirds do,
That, and making music,
So Iím singing pretty, too!Ē

This letterbox is located at Fort Parker State Park in Limestone County, Texas, about halfway between Groesbeck and Mexia.

To the box:
Go to the park and pay your fee. Drive to the camping area, but continue past it to a picnic area and park your car on the left side. Look down at the lake in front of you and you will see a trail sign and, past it, an aluminum floating bridge. Cross the bridge and take the Bur Oak Nature Trail (green) to the right. Just before you get to trail marker #3, there will be a bluebird house on your left. Continue on toward the trail marker. When you get about 5 steps from it, there will be a big oak tree on the left side of the trail. The box is sitting pretty behind that tree, hiding under sticks and stuff.