Texas Heroes  LbNA # 45884

OwnerBoots Tex    
Placed DateMar 5 2009
LocationSpringfield, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Feb 26 2013
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The spring for which the old settlement of Springfield was named can still be seen in the park. Read the historical marker in front of the cemetery for more information about the town and the cemetery. This cemetery contains the graves of veterans of several wars, and they can all be considered Texas heroes. The two oldest were veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto and are entitled to be honored as real Republic of Texas Heroes. Not much information can be found of Sanders Walker. He was a private and was named as a witness for another veteran who was trying to claim a pension. He was yet to turn 18 when he participated in the battle. Joseph Penn Lynch was a private, but soon attained the rank of Captain. He was 10 years older than Walker. Captain Lynch and his wife Mary moved to Washington County where he was elected sheriff. He also served as an early Texas Ranger. He later moved to the community of Springfield and lived here until he died. They fought for the freedom that we all enjoy and the right to be called Texans.

This letterbox is located at Fort Parker State Park in Limestone County, Texas, about halfway between Groesbeck and Mexia.

To the box:
Go to the park and pay your fee. Continue on the road until you come to the Old Springfield Cemetery on your left. Park there and read the historical marker, which tells the history of this cemetery. Go through the gate and walk toward the far left corner of the cemetery. Look for the large granite marker that tells about Texas Hero Captain Joseph Penn Lynch. Behind you is a gravesite enclosed in a black iron fence. Inside the fence is a marker honoring another Texas Hero, Sanders Walker. His grave marker is also in that plot. With your back to Captain Lynch, look at the left end of Private Walker’s iron fence. There, you’ll see a medium-size oak tree. Behind the white rock at the base of that tree, you’ll find the letterbox.