Gaggle of Geese  LbNA # 45897

OwnerTxns 4 TX    
Placed DateMar 8 2009
LocationEagle Lake, TX
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There's a little town in Texas tucked snug between Columbus and the Richmond/ Rosenberg area named Eagle Lake. Efery Year in Mid Fall this town is inundated with hunters looking to bag some birds. You see, Eagle Lake is known as "The Goose Hunting Capital of the World".

To find Eagle Lake, locate US Highway 90 and head west out of Richmond/ Rosenberg. Continue down Highway 90 past the town of East Bernard -- BE CAREFUL, WATCH YOUR SPEED. About 17 miles outside of East Bernard is where you will run right into the town of Eagle Lake. When you come to the Central Texas renowned convenience store "Buccee's", take the left fork and stay in the right lane. Abotu a block after the fork is the city park where locals can play golf or tennis or just have a picnic. Turn right into the park. You should see the tennis courts.

Look around and you'll see some hedges, just on the edge of the courts. From the western edge of the hedges, count the number of paces as are characters in the title of this box (a pace equals two steps). There hidden among the hedges under some old leaves and sticks is the box. Make sure you count correctly or else you might miss it. Enjoy and please re-seal firmly as it could some open.

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Happy Trails (Hunting) and God Bless!

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