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Rocky hill Letterboxes  LbNA # 45898

Placed DateFeb 1 2009
LocationBridgewater, CT
Planted ByMusic Boys    
Found By Dpriz
Last Found Apr 18 2012
Hike Distance?

a compass would be nice to necessary: North from Brookfield CT on Route 133 over bridge over Lake Lillinonah, take immediate left to Northrup Road, second left onto Benson Road, go 0.4 miles and see on right sign for "ROCKY hILL TRAIL"

walk 100 yards north (10degrees actually) cross over brook on wooden bridge and bear right at fork and go up the hill; top of hill go thru a copse of pines come to another fork - use the less traveled one it will make all the difference (no not really Frost was being ironic/facetious maybe so are we)when it joins back go straight staying on right side of the overgrowing field which means you are still heading 10 degrees north - walk 75 degrees until you see a wide path going left or 285degrees (there is an orange tipped wooden stake here); looking 285 degrees you will see an elm like tree 100 yards in that direction - walk to it

As you get within 30 feet of that large elm-like tree (which has an orange trail blaze facing you and is at an intersection of several trails) to the right before you get there is a black granite oblong rock on one side of the horse jump on your right (or you can go to the tree and go 80 degrees and 6 paces if your back is to the tree)

On the opposite side of the horse jump is the black granite's gray slate sister, under which the Music Boys left their First Letterbox.

SECOND LETTERBOX: Continue at 300 degrees over top of little hill and go basically straight 50 yards past 2 bird houses to twin becoming triplet cedar tree; there take a 90 degree turn or on compass go 265 degrees (westerly) heading down that path which is a 265 degree path (you might before doing this continue at 300 degree a bit more rather than taking that 90 degree turn to the gorgeous and huge open field just to have a look - it is fun to race to the top of it)

Go past cedar trees to left and head toward horse jump at the edge of the huge field - abou 340 degrees from edge of cedar bunch and 31 paces away is horse jump; go into the field and take left (west) along parallel barbed wire fence; walk to opening in tree row where trail descends 250 degrees westerly downward to dried/frozen/running creek bed depending on time of year. Anyway trail gets joined by another from the left and then heads 200 degree direction and begins to ascend gently

10 paces past trail join-up is a shagbark hickory tree at least 50-80 years old - walk 5 minutes up you may see blue trail blazes on trees that are a bit faded; after 100 yards uphill you will come to an intersection with Yellow Trail - go right to the ascending-to-the-summit part of the trail whch heads up at 320 degrees initially. Trail has some old blue blaze marks but mostly brighter yellow blazes and winds around to a trail intersection marked by a triangular "Nature Conservatory Boundry" yellow diamond sign on your left and a yellow arrow pointing RIGHT is straight ahead of you - do not go right instead go on same ascending trail 240 degrees straight past and through this intersection (into setting sun if it is late afternoon) - after 50 yards trail bends to left and you will see another yellow "Nature Conservatory" diamond sign, behind this Yellow Diamond marking is a flat rock by tree- underneath is Box#2