OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateMar 11 2009
LocationBarlow, OH
Found By the simpsons
Last Found Aug 23 2009
Hike Distance?


These letterboxes are in a very unique, beautiful and scenic area and the hiking trail will take the traveler through a hardwood and evergreen forest, and ends with a very special scenic view into a remarkable natural gorge. You will be walking a rather short loop trail. Excellent bird watching and photographic opportunities abound. So, please feel free to bring binoculars and cameras along with your stamping equipment.

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: ĺ mile loop
Please bring your stamp; stamp pad; pen, and maybe an old rag to clean you hands and box. Also binoculars and camera. UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS NOT A PET FRIENDLY AREA. Also Please be sure to properly reseal all baggies.

To get to Nervous Nellie first find your way to Barlow, Ohio. At the flashing lights, head west on SR 550 for 4.4 miles to Burnett Rd(Co.Rd. 6) and turn left onto Burnett Rd. From here go .6 mile to a small gravel road on your right. Turn right onto this road and go till you see a small parking area on your left with signs. Pull into this parking area, get out and read the signs and get ready to head out on this short loop trail. The trail you will start out on is located behind the big sign with white letters. (You will end up coming back where the other sign is.) There are no real steep hilly parts to this trail, but you are walking on a footpath that goes up and down.

To find NERVOUS NELLIE: As you enter the pine plantation you will notice white triangles on the trees. Count eight triangles. When you get to #8 look to your left for 3 old pine trees trunks that converge to form an angle. Nellie is located behind and under the root base of the longest log, behind another pine tree branch. This area is not heavily used, but you are rather exposed. So please be discreet in locating, stamping and re-hiding Nellie.

Now continue on out the trail to find what might be making Nellie nervous. As you hike on, you will cross 2 wooden footbridges. After passing over the second you will pass a tree that has fallen across the trail and has been cut to allow passage. The trail then goes up hill. At the stump base of the aforementioned fallen tree, is a large rock. Under the rock is LET'S GO!! Again, remember you are rather exposed so be wary of muggles watching and be discreet in your stamping.

After stamping and replacing, get back on trail and continue onward. As you walk on you will be passing several trees that have multiple trunks and you will see smaller hemlock trees. The trail will make a bit of a left turn and head downhill and on your right is a larger leaning tree. Just a little further on is a third footbridge. Just on the other side of this bridge, in front of you, is a piece of a large rotting log. YOUR PLACE OR MINE? is behind and under this log, behind a branch.

After logging this find continue on out and soon the trail will make another slight downhill run and make a u-turn to the right. It will now run parallel with the best part of this hike, a small creek in a deep ravine. Just as you come out of the turn, look ahead and you will see a 1 that is 2 tree further up the trail, on your left. The(se) tree have grown together at the base and then again about 12 feet up. Go to this tree and from here count ~42 steps. You should end up real close to an old fallen log that has been cut to allow passage. The top end of this tree points to the right to another 1 that is 2. You want to look to your left at the stump and root end. Go to the base and under a piece of bark, down in a real nice little hidey hole you will find the last box, ITíS ME, ITíS ME, ITíS ERNEST T.!! Carefully do your stamping and carefully re-hide everything.

After you are done here continue on, and up ahead you will soon come to an observation platform and scenic overlook. This offers a wonderful photo op and lunch spot(if you brought a bag lunch) Take some time to enjoy this spot before you head out, as you are almost back to your starting point. The trail follows along the creek from here back to the parking area.

I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful area and the letterboxes. Drop me a line if you have problems, or comments, or if you want to let me know who you think made NERVOUS NELLIE the most nervous.