OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateMar 11 2009
LocationCutler, OH
Found By Family Grave Seekers
Last Found Jul 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Distance: less than 50 feet from where you park to either box.
Difficulty: Easy, these are drive up boxes.
Please bring your stamp, stamp pad and pen. Also camera and binoculars, as these are very scenic and unique spots, with good birdwatching. There are also Geocaches located at both spots.

These two boxes can be found on their own, or in conjunction with the NERVOUS NELLIE boxes.(There are other boxes in the area, too) Directions are from Barlow, Ohio as the starting point, and you will be making a loop.

At the flashing lights at Barlow, head west on SR 550 for 4.4 mile to Burnett Rd(Co. Rd. 6) and turn left onto Burnett Rd.. Go out Burnett Rd. (you will pass by NERVOUS NELLIE letterbox area as you go out this road.) At about 3.4 mile Dabold Rd comes in on your left and Burnett Rd. makes a sharp right turn. Continue on and at about the 4 mile point Burnett Rd makes a sharp left turn. If you go straight you will be on Morris Rd., so be sure to make the turn(You will be making a loop and will come back to this point). After making the turn the road takes you down into the little community of Qualey. At the other end of Qualey, on your left, in the fenced in area you may see something that will explain why the next letterbox is called what it is. Continue and soon you will see the Root Covered Bridge. There is a gravel drive on your left past the bridge that will take you right up to the bridge. Pull in here and up toward the concrete walkway that goes to the bridge and park. Get out and walk thru the bridge, enjoy the creek, scenery and bridge. Take some pictures. Then when you are ready to letterbox go back to the concrete walkway and face the bridge. Just as you enter the bridge you will notice that there is a “wall” of white painted boards on either side of you. There are lots of names written/carved here. Go to the left hand side and look at the upright beam that is located behind the “wall”. Look up on this bean and you will see a scratch mark. On the back side of this beam at the scratch mark you will find Root Covered Bridge…OVER THE RED RIVER? in a pouch hanging from a hook.

HOLD ON TIGHTLY AND CAREFULLY UNHOOK the pouch from the hook and do your stamping here, at your car or at the little table in the bridge. After you are done HOLD TIGHTLY AND CAREFULLY REHOOK the pouch back on its hook.
When you are done you will have to back out of this spot to the road. So be careful backing. Continue in the direction you were going when you came here and go up the hill. Within .5 mile you will come to stop sign and SR 555. Turn right here and go another .5 mile to Remeley Rd (Twp Rd 238) and turn right onto Remeley Rd. This is a narrow gravel road. It is not heavily traveled, but still there can be traffic. Go about .7 mile on this road and you will see a large dead tree ahead, on your right, and a pull off spot on your left. Pull off here and get out with your camera and walk on ahead, on the road. As you do so, look over to your left. You will see Mother Nature’s own bridge. When you are ready to stamp, face the old dead tree and look to the left of it and there is a hollow rotting log laying on the ground about 6 feet away. THE LITTLE NATURAL BRIDGE is in that log under some bark. Careful here, as there was some multiflora rose, raspberry and blackberry stickers around this log. Also, as you have probably seen, you are not far from a human habitation. So be very discreet in your search and stamping, and thoroughly re-hide this box.

When you are done drive on out this road past the trailer to the stop sign. Here you can turn right onto Morris Rd and make the loop back to Burnett Rd and then on back home; or there are several more letterboxes located out in this area that you can go in search of, if you haven’t already.
I hope you have enjoyed this little drive to these Two Bridges. If you have problems or comments please let me know.
Note: there are quite a few more Covered Bridges in Washington County, several out here in this area. Also, several natural bridges occur in the area and county. This one is the easiest to see and get to.