Picacho Packrat  LbNA # 45906

Placed DateMar 8 2009
LocationPicacho, AZ
Found By SnakeDoctor
Last Found Feb 7 2014
Hike Distance?

Walk difficulty: Moderate
Walking time: about 20 minutes one-way
Stamp: Hand Carved

Take I-10 exit 219 (74 miles southeast of Phoenix and 40 miles northwest of Tucson) and follow the signs a half mile. This is a fee area and will cost $6 per vehicle with up to 4 adults. The hours of operation for the park are 8 am to 10 pm. Campsites, rest rooms, picnic shelters, showers, dump stations, and a playground are all available.

Hiking necessities for the Sunset Vista Trail to the top of Picacho Peak:
Water: a minimum of 2-3 liters per person
Footwear: hiking boots for ankle support with an aggressive tread
Sun Protection: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses
Snacks: trail mix, energy bars, fruit
Information: park map, rules, phone number, average hiking time
Cell Phone & basic first aid kit
Gloves are recommended for the parts of the trail with steel cables

Compass readings are magnetic north. Please be aware that this is desert hiking with its inherent risks and animal dangers (snakes, scorpions, etc). Please be careful when reaching for boxes and make sure you have enough water when you start your hike. (A 10 oz. water bottle will not be sufficient; especially in the hot summer months.)

This box is before Picacho Jackrabbit and Picacho Coyote.
You will need the clues for Picacho Cactus by AZRoadie.
Take the "Sunset Vista Trail" were Picacho Packrat likes to hang out by the Picacho Cactus ….. Facing the Picacho Cactus and the palo verde tree it resides in, locate a cluster of hedgehog cacti at 140* about 35 steps away. They are hiding behind some creosote plants. Head there. Locate another cluster of hedgehog cacti at 170* about 26 steps away. Head there. Located a saguaro at 210* behind a creosote bush and a dead tree nearby. Go to the saguaro. Picacho Packrat lives at the base of the saguaro under a SPOR.