Mule Daze  LbNA # 45960 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerfollow your heart    
Placed DateMar 16 2009
LocationColumbia, TN
Found By finkleberries
Last Found Dec 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Drive to the city of Columbia in the heart of Maury County. You can start by taking a loop around courthouse square just for the fun of it if you like. Its one of the nicest town squares in the state. You'll want to exit on W. 7th Street (a.k.a. SR 412) and head west approx. 3 miles. (Be sure to follow the signs for SR 412 because the road splits to the left which is SR 243-which is the wrong way).

Stay on SR 412 past Columbia Military Academy on your left then proceed to the 2nd traffic light to Lion Parkway. Turn Left on Lion and drive 1/2 mile until you see the sign for Maury Count Park just past the High School on the right.

Turn right into the park, at the 1st stop sign, stay straight, keeping the football field on your left. Proceed ahead where you'll pass a small covered miniature railroad bridge on your right followed by Kidz Kingdom on your right.

You'll come to a sign pointing to the Jaycee and Rotary shelters. keeping to the right go over the "bump" then follow the road around to the left. On the left will be the rotary and jaycee shelters and on the right will be Jarred's Dream Playground. Proceed to the sign for Tony's Trail then park there.

Walk along Tony's trail to the left where the trail is closest to another paved walking trail just this side of the tree line. Walk over to that trail and follow it down hill until you come to a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge, go behind the tree line and turn right. There will be a 3 trunk tree, the box is in between the trunks.

This sight is one of the primary locations for Columbia's biggest annual festival called Mule Days. The park will be crawling with over 200,000 visitors during that weekend. This year it is sheduled to be the weekend of April 4th, 2009. Its a wonderful event but if you find the box during the festival, use caution. You can stamp at the bridge if you like.

This is a very unique, extremely kid friendly park! If you miss the mule day festival, you will still enjoy this great park.

****special note: be careful, poison ivy has been reported in the area of the tree where the box is planted***