Little Three-Trunk Tree  LbNA # 45963

OwnerMuddy Tracks    
Placed DateMar 14 2009
LocationMidland, VA
Found By Zorket
Last Found Nov 15 2009
Hike Distance?

This is at Crockett Park, in Midland, VA. If you're looking for this you should also be looking for the Crockett Cedars letterbox.

From the gravel parking lot to the left, just after the gate house, follow the fence line up and over the little slope. As you head down the path, you'll still have the barbed wire fence on your left. To your right will be a drop off to a large field. About 25 feet before the path makes a turn to the right, the little tree will be on the left. Once you see the stream ahead of you on the path, you're very close. The small tree has gray bark, and starts out as a single trunk, and then branches into three little trunks. The letterbox with a green lid is behind it. There should be few if any muggles around, so take your time and have fun. P.S. This is also a geocache.