Fishing in Broadmeadows Park  LbNA # 46018 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 18 2009
LocationWorthington, OH
Found By GoHIo
Last Found Sep 13 2011
Hike Distance?

Gone Fishin' - The First Series of Letterboxes placed by The Mighty Quinn and his dad. The Mighty Quinn is an extraordinary 8 year old letterboxer. We created this themed series over the winter of 2009 and just placed them on 3/18/2009, now that the weather is perfect for letterboxing.

The 3 Letterboxes are located in Broadmeadows, just off of the Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Logbook is in the 3rd Letterbox Container, you will need your own ink pad.

Here we go!

From High Street in the South part of Worthington, go West on Lincoln Ave, next to Midas and across from St. Michael's Church. The street sign has an additional sign for the Walnut Grove Cemetery. Proceed West on Lincoln and enter the Cemetery, the road will be Sycamore. Stay on Sycamore, it will wind right. Cross the bridge and go left on Birch until it dead ends, about 30 yards. Park the car outside of the fenced area and exit and lock your vehicle.

Proceed through the gate and start to follow the path. Once you are inside the gate, you are EXTREMELY close to another letterbox from another placer. Do you know what it is? If you do your homework, you can make this trip a double!

About 100 yards down the nice path, you will see a large dark boulder with green paint on it on the right edge of the path. About 15-20 paces to the right, behind a log, is a rusted out barrel/oil drum. Look inside for #1 - BLUEGILL

Go back to the path and keep proceeding in the same direction until the path raises up 3 or 4 feet, along a slight ridge. Stop on top of the ridge and look to the left, the ridge continues towards the creek bed. Follow the ridge until you get to the end. There will a cement manhole cover with more green paint on it. Go down the ridge to the right and follow the small path that goes along the creek bed below. Creek should be on left.

Follow path until it starts to drop off into the creek bed. Just before the drop, look to your right for 2 trees growing with a small rotted stump between them, about 7 paces off of the path. Under some rocks at the base of the rotted stump is...

Work your way back to the ridge where the cement manhole cover was and take the raised ridge back to the main path.

Continue on the main path awhile further, it will twist and turn and dip up and down, about another 75 yards. You will come to a downed tree in 2 sections. It is a White Barked Sycamore, very striking bright white tree. Pass the first section and look at the second section of downed tree. The top of the tree has landed on a 3 trunked tree that is filled with tangled vines. At the base of the 3 trunks is...
#3 - BASS

The logbook is in this final container. Stamp in and enjoy more hiking through this little-known and peaceful woodsy area.

Total Time Needed should not exceed 30-45 minutes. Terrain is light and accessible to most people.
If it has rained recently, wear old shoes - it could be muddy.

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