Door County Crab  LbNA # 46022

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateMar 19 2009
LocationWhitewater, WI
Found ByTJ_Mich (Attempted)
Last UpdateSep 20 2014


Why is there a box named DOOR County Crab on the edge of WALWORTH County but actually in JEFFERSON County? 1) The crab was quickly carved while we were in Door County for the 10th Anniversary of Letterboxing in Wisconsin Gathering. 2) I carved it for Terrio, who lost her orignal stamp for her Crabby boxing buddy while in WAUKESHA County boxing with me. 3) My Jeff County LBing friends and I are trying to populate the county with more plants - it only had 10 listings when we started. That's the story of how Door County Crab came to be - and came to be in Whitewater.

DCCrab found a home in a park with two names - kraP daoR tnomerF and aerA erutaN keerC retawetihW. DCCrab started at the five trunk tree by the parking area, then headed down the trail at 120 degrees. Shortly, he reached a decision point - does he take the way of the rocks or the wood? He went down the path at roughly 141 degrees for 51 human steps. Where to hide - the snag at 33 degrees or the V-tree (and future snag) at 213 degrees? One has a spot tailor-made for an LB on the side away from your path.

Status updates are appreciated!