LB Dillo  LbNA # 46033 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 19 2009
LocationParis, AR
Planted ByViewfinder    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jun 30 2015
Hike Distance?

Those little armadillos are everywhere, and they seem to be engaged in letterboxing now, too! To find this little LB Dillo, follow these clues:

From the intersection of hwy 109 and 309 in Paris, go approximately 8 miles on 309 (toward Mt. Magazine) to the parking lot near the north side of the Cove Lake spillway. Take the hiking trail into the woods. Soon you'll see a brown hiking trail information sign. From this sign, begin to count steps. At about 100 steps, the trail will be near the lake shore and then begin to curve slightly uphill away from the lake. About 75 steps further along the trail, you should see a large pine tree on the left side of the trail, an intersection in the trail just ahead, and 3 small cedar trees next to the intersection. Look uphill to the left of the trail and see a large hardwood tree about 20" in diameter, about 12 steps uphill from the trail, with a flat rock leaning against the tree on its north side. Make your way to this tree. Be careful to avoid creating a social trail leading to this tree. The letterbox is in the space beneath this rock against the tree, hidden behind two smaller rocks. PLEASE replace the rocks to keep the letterbox from washing away.