I'll Worm My Way Into Your Heart  LbNA # 46035

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateMar 20 2009
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By GoHIo
Last Found Sep 6 2011
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“I’ll Worm my Way Into Your Heart”
(This is a great stamp from a carving friend in Idaho--blackvelvetrav. She does great work, and relies on others to place her boxes since so few people box in Idaho. It is one of three of her stamps in Columbus, Ohio.)

From the corner of High Street and Morse Road in Columbus, drive north to Lincoln Ave. (There is a Midas Muffler Shop on the corner.) Turn left (west) on Lincoln and proceed into the Walnut Grove Cemetery. You’ll be entering on Sycamore St. Take Sycamore to Buckeye. Veer to the left on Buckeye. Park in the parking space on Buckeye with the picnic table--just before you get to Maple St.
(All the clues for this box relate to things people enjoy--or things that may be dear to ones heart.)
Walk down Buckeye to Maple. Take 5 paces east to stand by the folks most hold dear--Mother and Father. From there walk at 115° to a stone that tells what you might give your love in February.
Walk east down the road to where Maple St. ends. Look for a favorite kind of pickle--goes well with grilled cheese.
Next walk 46 paces at 140° to the entwined hearts of Claude and Genevieve.
17 paces at 120° will bring you to John and Peggy (a heart).
You might want to sit at night with the one you love under a
full _______. (23 paces--18°)
Next visit Margaret and Harry (married October 10, 1931) at 110° for 31 paces.
Almost there! 13 paces north will take you to a pair of loving cedars. Stand so you can read the headstone (a favorite brand of camping supplies).
What you seek hanging about 5 feet from the ground inside the left hand cedar. Hope the stamp worms its way into your heart.
It is a big box--so really tuck it back in there when you place it back!