Buffalo Bill's New Watering Hole  LbNA # 4604

Placed DateJun 27 2003
LocationCody, WY
Found By SuzySquirrel
Last Found Sep 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Hike: so easy, bring the kids in strollers and dogs on leashes. Potties on site. The hike is a loop around Beck Lake with wonderful views of the mountains. The walk can be almost a drive by or you can take the mile route. When we were there we saw a mama deer and TWO fawns in the trees by the lower lake.

In the western town of Cody at the intersection of Sheridan and 17th, head up the hill on 17th, passing Albertson's on the right. Turn right just before Mc Donald's on Meadowland Ave. driving past a park on your right. Turn left on 14th passing through the Beck park gates (closed at night). Drive a short way passing Markham Reservoir and park at the New Cody Reservoir or for the quickie grab drive to the end of the road parking near the Bob Boyer wildlife observation semi enclosed kiosk. The route is marked in mileage posts in both directions so starting clockwise near the Boyer kiosk pass through gate on walking trail and just before the trails turns to the right at the upper end of the reservoir look for a rock knoll between markers .8 and .9. You should be in the N.E corner of the reservoir trail with the rocky knoll in front of you and a small group of trees to your right at the lakes edge. Find the biggest rock with a smaller rock next to it on the knoll. They are situated east and west with a crack formed in the middle. The box is under the biggest rock on its north side. Remove the little pile of rocks in between the 2 rocks, carefully watching out for critters and probe with stick under the biggest rock for the box.

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