Remembering Ed  LbNA # 4606

Placed DateJun 27 2003
LocationCody, WY
Found By SuzySquirrel
Last Found Sep 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Note: 8/20/2009 New logbook added thanks to some great finders!

Hike: nah, it's a walk but you must be very careful of folks walking by. People are watchful around dam installations, you know.

Ed Abbey wrote Desert Solitare, The Monkey Wrench Gang and a number of other cool books with his observations on the environment and the workings of government at local levels. He was a popular writer in the 70's and 80's and had some radical theories as related through his characters. To fully appreciate this stamp you should read the Monkey Wrench Gang.

From Cody, head about 4 miles west on the Yellowstone Highway (14/16/20) passing under the 3 tunnels and turn into the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor's Center. Don't bring a backpack into the Visitor's Center. After parking your vehicle near an interpretive sign and display head towards dam and Visitor's Center, noting the rock cliffside and the chest high planter on your left. The high planter ends and a curb high planter begins with 2 pine trees and decorative rocks within The curb curves toward a gate, with a sign "Authorized vehicles only". There is a big boulder at the edge of the planter nearest the rock wall The tiny cylinder duct taped box is under a couple of rocks between the big boulder and the wall. Look for a hole drilled in the rock wall face about 10 inches from the boulder. Now sit down and tie your shoe or do some other innocuous movement while you reach under the little cobbles for the cylinder. Move to another area to stamp in and come back later to rehide the box. Visit the Center for a Passport stamp for your book if want. There is a scary but sensational view of the dam and through the interior windows!

Note: We are not promoting nor do we endorse the radical philosophies Ed Abbey relates in his stories, at least not all of them.

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