The Incredibles at PWFP  LbNA # 46072

OwnerBaker St Irregular    
Placed DateMar 21 2008
CountyPrince William
LocationPrince William Forest Park, Triangle, VA
Found By Hiking Chicks
Last Found Nov 21 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 21 2015

The Incredibles at Prince William Forest Park

The Incredibles need your help! Syndrome has captured the entire family and imprisoned them in the park! Use your letterboxing skills to free them. Each time you find a letterbox and stamp your journal you set that member of the family free.

I decided to place a family-oriented letterbox series. Adventurers should bring their own stamp pad and compass (and know how to use it). Kid steps were used for this letterbox: one kid step is one step of a 5 year old. The boxes in this series are fairly closely spaced and the overall route is short. There is some climbing, but it should be doable by most kids.

***22 September 2012. The fifth letterbox has been washed away in a large rainstorm. I'm working on identifying another location and replacing Jack-Jack. So, for now, there are only 4 letterboxes. Also, many of the stamps have broken, and I'm recarving them. ***

~ Baker St. Irregular

This letterbox is in Prince William Forest Park. Entrance fee is $5 or $20 for an annual pass. Upon entering Prince William Forest Park, proceed to parking lot "C".

Clue #1: Mr. Incredible
Begin walking along the trail, descending until you arrive at the first bridge. Once at the bridge, turn around and climb up to the Beech tree in the trail between the 8th and 9th step. Walk towards 20 degrees for 45 kid steps until you arrive at a large tree whose roots are interwined with rocks. There is an opening directly under the trunk of the tree with several rocks covering the opening. Rescue Mr. Incredible there (by stamping him in your journal). Look before you reach, please rehide well.

Clue #2: Mrs. Incredible
Return to main trail, descending to the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue along to a clearing. Just as you enter the clearing is where my daughter saw an interesting rock -- across the small ravine to the left of the fire hydrant -- she said that it looked like a dragon's mouth. Continue along the trail to the T-junction at the river. Turn around and retrace your steps along the path (heading East, perpendicular to the river) for 25 kid steps. Then go due North for 30 kid steps until you arrive at the top-most branches of a fallen tree. Mrs. Incredible is three fourths of the way 'up' the tree where a large branch is broken.

Clue #3: Violet
Return to the T-junction. Turn left (South) to follow the river downstream. Continue along until you cross another bridge. Look directly left to see a large boulder set against a hill. Climb up the left side of the boulder (the easiest way to the top). From the top of the boulder ascend up the ravine (at 120 degrees). Just before you reach the clearing, rescue Violet in between the trunk and base of a sawn-down tree under two white quartz rocks.

Clue #4: Dash
From Violet's location, look directly across the clearing to a collection of smallish boulders. Dash is imprisoned in the middle of the pile of boulders under a piece of quartz.

Clue #5: Jack-Jack
Follow the clearing to the North descending down the (rather steep!) hill until you return to the clearing with
the fire hydrant. Once there decipher the coded message below using the following clue to rescue Jack-Jack.

1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc

10-1-3-11 10-1-3-11 9-19 9-14 20-8-5

4-18-1-7-15-14-19 13-15-21-20-8.

Once you've rescued Jack-Jack, return to the Parking lot by returning to the first bridge you crossed and climbing up the hill following the trail back to the parking lot.

Congratulations on rescuing the Incredibles! Good work!