The Great American Pin-Up Series: Harley  LbNA # 46073

OwnerLock, Shock & Barrel    
Placed DateMar 22 2009
LocationKenosha, WI
Found By Eric68
Last Found Aug 2 2014
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Letterbox Name: The Great American Pin-up Series: Harley
Location: Kenosha, WI
Distance: Drive-by

Once upon a time, there were eight lovely sisters. They were born in Lake County, Illinois, and were raised in an old farmhouse. They grew tall and strong and, though they loved the home in which they’d been raised, each knew that there would come a time when she would need to go out and find her place in the world.

One of those sisters, Ethel, had always been one who enjoyed dressing up and playing at grand adventures. When they were younger she and her good friends Kara and Harley would often find themselves off on a treasure hunt, or on a mission to save the world from super-villains, or running off to save a knight-in-distress from a fire-breathing dragon.

So it did not surprise Ethel at all when Harley showed up one day at her home in Raven’s Glen, looking for a new adventure. And for several months, Harley and Ethel ran through the forests, climbed trees, and scanned the nearby lake for imaginary pirates. But the day came when Harley wanted more. She wanted a place of her own.

“I see what you have here,” she said to Ethel, “and as much as I appreciate you having me here, I know that I need to find my own place to be.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” said Ethel, somewhat sadly. “Maybe there’s a place that’s not too far off, though. A place where we can still get together every so often. You know, Kara settled down just a little ways south of here.”

“That sounds good to me,” said Harley, smiling. “I want to be close by. But I want to explore what’s special and unique about me. I want to find a place where I truly belong.”

“So what do you like more than anything in the world?”

Harley paused for a moment. “I like the fun that we have. But I always like to stories about knights and castles most of all. I’m afraid, though, that there aren’t a whole lot of medieval villages in Northern Lake County.”

Ethel smiled. “That’s true, I suppose. But what about Southern Kenosha County? What if you found a place near the Renaissance Faire? I mean, it’s only there for a couple of months each year, but it would really be your cup of tea. And that red and black dress of yours would definitely be a hit.”

“Hmmm,” said Harley. “It’s a great idea. And if memory serves, they even have a pirate ship. We could have one heck of a time.”

“Definitely! But the only problem is that you wouldn’t be able to get in right now.”

“Well,” said Harley, “What if I found a place really close by? In the forest, on the edge of the town. I could be the faerie queen, living in the forest just outside of the village, waiting to enchant some handsome young stranger.” She giggled to herself.

Ethel laughed. “If you find a place a forest full of handsome strangers, then I’m coming to live with you!”

So they made plans and set out the next day, leaving Raven’s Glen and traveling northbound on Route 45 until they arrived at State Line Road. They headed east, and eventually saw the Renaissance Faire on their left. As they walked the road, they spied a cluster of three trees.

“Look!” cried Harley. “Three trees together – just like you, me and Kara.” And Harley raced to a spot between the trees. As Ethel joined her, they looked across the grassy field toward the buildings and ship’s masts that stood watch over the faire grounds.

“It’s perfect!” Harley said, as she hugged her friend excitedly.

“You’re right. It is,” said Ethel. “But you do need to come visit me.”

“Definitely,” replied Harley. “And we can both drop in on Kara. Soon.”

“It’s a date then.” Ethel smiled and turned to walk away, and Harley busied herself with arranging her new home. She lay down in a woodpile between the trees, stealing on more glance across the field at the faire grounds. Then she sighed contentedly, and laid down to sleep.


The Great American Pin-up series is, first and foremost, a celebration of the style, femininity, and fun of pin-up art over the years. We hope that you enjoy the images as much as we’ve enjoyed selecting and carving them.

Please note: The stamps are a bit large, and will require a 4”x 6” space for stamping. This stamp will only require black and red ink.