Domingo Baca's Kiss  LbNA # 46077

Placed DateMar 21 2009
LocationAlbuquerque, NM
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Please note; This is a newly carved stamp, similar to the first, but now hidden in a less exposed location. The first stamp was either blown into a crevice or taken.

Original Clue: En route to Domingo Baca canyon, on the west side of the Sandia mountains, is a gorgeous pair of green, granite lips. (You used to)look beneath them for your kiss!

New Clue: Once at the lips look north to a tall juniper tree. DB's Kiss is now nestled in its trunk beneath a slab of granite.

This is an adventurous plant. The hike in is about 1 mile long (bring water), followed by an uphill scramble through bushes, past cacti and potential snakes, over boulders, and through tunnels and caves (the latter, if you choose). On top a thrilling drop-off awaits. Fun! Please remember that the more you stay on the rocks, the less you disturb the soil.

Park at the Elena Gallegos Open Space park ($2 fee), start hiking the Nature trail or the Pino trail, then connect with trail #342 and go north. At a T go east. At a fork go north on #230. You will soon see the Wilderness Boundary and a gate in which to enter. Do so. As you hike along this trail toward Domingo Baca canyon keep your eyes open for your clue!

After receiving your kiss, keep on hiking into Domingo Baca canyon. It's gorgeous with tall trees and cooler temperatures, and it often has water.