Shoshone Warrior  LbNA # 4608

Placed DateJun 25 2003
LocationWapiti, WY
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 1 2013
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedNov 6 2015

Hike: easy with one bit of an incline over good trail, about 1/4 mile. A 3 season box unless you have snowshoes or skis.

From Cody and Wapiti heading west to the east Yellowstone Entrance on Highway 14/16/20, The Buffalo Bill Memorial Highway, pull into the Wapiti Campground about 8 miles west of Wapiti. This would be a good rest/lunch spot or even camping spot before you hit Yellowstone.
Find a parking spot by the bridge nearest campsites 19 and 23 and park. Cross over the bridge to northwest trail heading along reddish cliffs and hike up along trail where you get a great view of the creek on the left. At the bottom of the first rise, the area gets greener with junipers, aspens and pines. Look for a juniper on the right and a pine on the left almost across the trail from each other, and then go 5 paces to a light green underground cable box with orange markings on your right. Walk 15 paces along the trail to a dead pine tree and turn toward the cliff side. See that 10-foot tall stump near the cliff? It is actually an old juniper that is just hanging on to life. Take 10 paces at 80 degrees to the stumpy tree and at the west side (in front) nestled at the base hidden by rocks is your Shoshone, a really lonely guy. When you find this box, check in with us to let us know the status.

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