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The Past, The Present and the Future  LbNA # 46081 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 22 2009
LocationCape Canaveral, FL
Planted Bybeachgemgoddess    
Found By The Bear Team
Last Found May 27 2009
Hike Distance?

The Past, The Present and The Future

1. By car, travel on Rte A1A between SR 520 and SR 528.

The Past:
2. Cape Canaveral honors our nation’s presidents on the east side of A1A. Find the President that is on the $20 bill and turn east onto his namesake street.
3. Drive to the end of the street and turn north to the President’s street with the same name as a very close friend of the President elected in 1960. This president set the goal to have the first man on the moon and the space center to our north was named after him. This friend was also well known for giving men a seven-year itch.
4. Turn east and travel around the park to the eastside where you again find the street of the President on the $20 bill.
5. Turn east and drive to the end and park.

The Future:
6. Exit the car and walk east until your toes get wet. Turn to the future. If you are lucky, you could see a rocket blast off from the space center.
7. Walk toward the future, equivalent to about one Cape Canaveral block. These are indicated by wooden walkways that span the sea oats and turtle nesting ground. Don’t confuse these walkways with private walkways from beachside residences.
8. Turn west and walk to the walkway named for the friend of the President in clue #3 above.

The Present:
9. Look for the sign, “Keep off the dunes.” Do just that, but also from the point where the sea oats meet the beach, walk 6 paces east.
10. Turn to the southwest and wave for 3-5 seconds. Call your friends and tell them to log onto where they will be able to see you on your letterboxing adventure. [After you get home to your computer, you can also go to this website; view snapshots; and search through the photos to find the one(s) of you. Print the photo to remember this letterbox.]
11. Walk to the south at the edge of the sea oats (remembering to keep off the dunes). Before you get back to the walkover that returns you to your car, you will see a private walkway over the dunes.
12. At the eastern end, look for the letterbox and sign in.
13. If a person is on the 3rd floor balcony in the SE corner of the five-story building, wave again for as long as you want.