Welcome to Tennessee  LbNA # 46119 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerVol Fan Clan    
Placed DateMar 23 2009
LocationDyersburg, TN
Found By cherokeegirl
Last Found Mar 16 2014
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Tennessee! Home of the Tennessee Volunteers!

Go to the Tennessee Welcome Center/Rest Area when arriving from Missouri. It is located on I-155 East traveling towards Dyersburg. Go to the last parking area for cars. Look across the drive and find the nearest pine tree. From this pine tree look northeast( towards interstate) and find the tree with three trunks. One of the trunks is broken! Your treasure awaits in the middle of ths tree covered with debris. Please be discreet and replace carefully when finished. Go VOLS!

This box is a great place for hitch hikers! Plenty of room in box!