OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateMar 23 2009
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By Safari Man
Last Found May 11 2009
Hike Distance?

There are two separate letterbox walks that start from the same place. One is a rather rugged 3 mile loop with 5 boxes, and the other is an easy ½ mile round trip with two boxes. They are listed separately.
Be aware you will be hiking through an area that is open to public hunting, so from Sep 1 through Jan 31 you might see hunters around here. The worst time is during the deer gun season Dec 1 –31.
Also, if you plan to come out in early June, see this web page first. http://www.mctfr.com/
Plus I would also avoid the third weekend of Sept. as there will be 1500-2000 Boy Scout having a camporee.(see http://scoutingouting.org/index.html)

Difficulty: Easy ½ mile round trip from car., but beware of brambles and briars.
Please bring your compass, stamp, a stamp pad, pen, GLOVES and an old rag to wipe off the box. Maybe bug spray too in the summer, for ticks.

This hike celebrates some of the wildlife that can be seen and/or heard in and around the woodlands of Burr Oak State Park.

Burr Oak State Park . Over 3000 acres of wooded hills and hollows, located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Ohio. It is approx. 15 mi. SW of McConnelsville and 4 mi. NE of Glouster.
Start from the main entrance of Burr Oak(the entrance off SR 78). Go towards McConnelsville( turn left out of the entrance) and go 2.1 mile till you see the sign for Fairview Mission Church,and Dock Area 3. This sign will be on your left. Turn here and go down this road(W. Mountville Rd) for 1.3 mile and you will see an old building in front of you and sign that says Group Camp. Turn left here and go down this gravel road and park by the gate.
From the gate walk out the gravel road till you see two tall white poles on your right. Go to the second pole out and with your compass take a heading of 300* and you will see two larger trees out in the open , but close to the woods. Go over to the first tree you come to, it is actually two trees growing as one. Take another compass reading of 312* from this tree(s) and, back in the woods, you should see a large multi-trunked tree. Make your way back to this tree and in the right hand trunk is a hole. In here, you will find CAW-LING HOME hiding. This isn’t a very heavily used area, but be cautious in your stamping and very careful to re-hide well, this letterbox in the hole.
NOTE: When I checked this box, the hole had filled in with rotting tree fiber. You may have to dig out the pouch, hence the need for gloves.

Now go back up to the gravel road and continue on out, till you see a "sign of below" in front of "two signs of above". Go past these two signs and just as the road enters back into the open turn left and walk down along the tree line. Walk till you come to a “wasted” sign. Get your compass out and take a reading of 56* and you should see a med. sized tree that has fallen over, just inside the tree line. It has a grapevine wrapped around a broken stub. If you walk back up along the tree line 10-11 steps you will see an easy path back to this tree.(There is multiflora rose along the edge) Go back to this tree, and in the ground, at it's base where it has rotted off and fallen, AIN’T NO BUGS ROUND ME can be found hiding under some of the rotting wood from the tree's innards. Again stamp and re-hide carefully, and go back to your car.

If any problems are encountered, or any comments, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for coming out and Hiking Burr Oak. There are plenty of letterboxes in the area, and more are coming, so keep checking Morgan County, Ohio