Lake Vesuvius (MISSING)  LbNA # 4613 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2003
LocationIronton, OH
Found By thegang
Last Found Nov 3 2007
Hike Distance?

Lake Vesuvius

Difficulty: easy
Terrain: moderate
Placed by: Bigguy, CardinalMom, Pack Rat, & Trail Buddy
Date Placed: July 3, 2003

***Reported not found - probably missing 3/30/2015***

***This is a microbox- please bring stamp pad and pen!***

A few miles north of Ironton, Ohio off State Route #93, is a lovely state park on the site of an old 19th century iron furnace. It is named Lake Vesuvius State Park after the Vesuvius Furnace which operated there. Drive into the park, bearing left at the old furnace stack and parking in the lot near a shelterhouse just past the furnace. Walk back to the spillway, which is just across the road from the furnace, and climb the stairs to the top of the dam. Pause a moment to catch your breath and enjoy the picturesque little lake before you. (At least it should be before you – when we planted this box the lake bed was dry and resembled a hay field in need of cutting! I suppose the state will eventually put the water back in.) Refreshed, you can now turn and notice another set of steps to the right of the ones you just climbed going further up the hill. Climb 13 of these steps. Take a bearing of 70° and walk about 5 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) to a fence. At the fence, take a bearing of 340° and go 3 paces to a medium sized tree. You should find the Lake Vesuvius stamp hiding under a small fallen log at the base of this tree. If you find it, send us an email at and let us know how it's doing.
Note that the Little Boar box is also in the area. Have fun!