(Holliday Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show Pon  LbNA # 46152

Placed DateDec 1 2008
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted ByDuckie & Show Ponies    
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Nov 24 2010
Hike Distance?

This letter box is located in beautiful Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Road in Indianapolis, IN. You can park in any of the parking lots; the north lot is closes to the Nature Center. Start by enjoying the Nature Center or find the letter box and return to enjoy the Nature Center. If you are ready to find the letter box pass through the main entrance to the Nature Center, the arched doors on the west side of the building. Enter the building and walk a few steps and take the hall to the left. You will pass by some exhibits then past the bird and squirrel watching area. Continue east out of the building and to the first trail on the left, trail #4. Head down the steps, when you reach the bottom stay to the right on trail #4. Follow the trail and go over the bridge on the right. You will soon pass a marsh on the left. Go around the marsh, you will pass a rock dam on the left. Pass over the wooden bridge and look ahead, you should see a bench. Go to the bench and take the trail right, you will pass between a cut fallen tree. Cross the stone dam, you will see a bench on the right and a bird house on the left. This path can be a little muddy after a rain so plan accordingly. You will pass over several small stone bridges on the path. Keep going and keep the river on your right. You should eventually come to a path, trail #8, I believe. From here to your right you should see a large arched concrete bridge over the river. Turn left up the wooden bridge. At the top of the wooden bridge turn left on to trail #6. At the fork in the trail stay right and go up the hill. You will see some wooden steps or beams. You will pass through some fallen trees and brush; keep going until the trail splits again. The trail continues to the right, and to the left you will see wooden steps, head left up the steps. At the top of the hill the trail “T’s”, you should also see a circle of rocks, great place for a break. At the top of the hill before entering the rock circle stand between the first two rocks, the rock on the left is a trail #6 marker. Take a reading of 310⁰ and take about 20 steps in that direction. By now you will have spotted an old concrete fountain on the left of the trail. Just behind it is a tree with an opening about 2-3 feet off the ground. The letterbox is hidden in the tree behind some sticks and leaves. Please stamp yours and then stamp ours. Place everything back in the container and put it back in the tree as you found it. If you stay south on trail #6 you will see some wooden stairs that lead back to the Nature Center, stop and visit if you didn’t get enough earlier. Good luck, have fun!