Bataan Memorial Park  LbNA # 46185

Placed DateMar 25 2009
LocationAlbuquerque, NM
Found By The Bear Team
Last Found Apr 4 2014
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Bataan Memorial Park

Directions: From I-40 take the Carlisle exit south. You’ll pass a giant red arrow at the light at Indian School, a light at Constitution, and turn hard right at the next light which is Lomas. Turn in the next right which is Amherst or if you miss it turn in at the next right which is Tulane. Park your car or bike.
Information: The Bataan is a peninsula in the Philippine Islands on the other side of the world. You’ll find out here why a park in the middle of New Mexico is named in memory of that far away place. This will be better than Wikipedia.

Clues: Bring your own ink, a blank paper and pen because the clues come from the history etched in the monument. Go to the flag pole in the center of the monument on the south side (bordering Lomas) of the park. Face south and you’ll see two rows of granite slabs, one row on your left and one on your right. Remember in Albuquerque the mountains are to the east. Go to the first granite slab to your east, begin reading, and write down the answers to these questions.
1. The memorial honors the sacrifices of the veterans of what two regiments of the U.S. Army?
2. What symbol next to a name indicates the soldier did not survive to return home?
3. (Backside) On what date did the Japanese begin their attack on the Philippines? How many years ago was that?
4. Use the verse etched in the rock to fill in the blank: “No papa, no mama, no Uncle _______.”
5. What did General McArthur pledge?
6. What’s the abbreviation used for the title of the next slab?
7. How many miles long was the Bataan Death March?
8. How many American POWs died in the prison camps? How many Filipinos?
9. What state had the highest prisoner of war population per capita?
10. (Backside) During the Spanish-American War, the 111th Cavalry, which later became the 200th CA regiment, had what nick name?
11. Write down someone’s name from these slabs (or the ones on the west side) that had the same last name or the same initials as you do? What town did he come from?

Walk to the east edge of the park and find the park information sign near the curb. Turn north and walk along the path. Count trees on your right as you walk north, the same number as the day the Japanese attacked the Philippines. Turn in the direction indicated by the third letter of your answer to question nine, and walk to the first tree you see. Face NW and go to the bench. Read the inscription (No reason except Bob must have been cool.) Turn to face the direction indicated by the third letter of the abbreviation used to answer question six. Walk to the nearer picnic table in that direction. Face in the direction indicated by the first letter to the answer for question four. While remembering MacArthur’s words, walk to the flagpole. Once there look around for red Luzon. Walk to it and then face north. Walk to where you see the numbers that are the answer to question number one. Face south. Go and sit on the bench that is closest to you. Look around casually. If the frisbee throwers and the knights are busy playing with each other, turn around and find the flat rock behind the garden wall behind you. Guess what’s under it? It’s my first stamp so don’t laugh and use lots of ink. Act nonchalant as you sit down on the bench and do your stamping. Look around to make sure no one notices as you put everything back carefully.