Play-doh  LbNA # 46186

Placed DateMar 25 2009
CountySan Juan
LocationFarmington, NM
Found By ArnoldZiffel
Last Found Jul 26 2012
Hike Distance?


In the Four Corner’s city of Farmington, New Mexico you can find a wonderful book repository by going north off the 20th street onto the City’s avenue toward a large cottonwood tree. Turn left after the tree and find a place to stop for a moment. Look across the rolling hills and grass, enjoy the painted horses in the distance. Find a wavy path that will take you past the “Reflection” in bronze and follow it. There is a street light along this path on the backside of “Reflection”, the open backpack is pointing to this light post among the landscape of river rocks. Play-Doh is planted deep in the river rocks below the word embossed on the south side of this light.

Please be very discreet, this can be a busy place and the grounds are well kept. Do a good job of putting things back the way you found them. Enjoy the beauty of this area.

Once you have enjoyed the grounds of the repository, go take a peek inside. The words "Summer Solstice" and "Winter Solstice" are engraved at precise locations on the rotunda floor and are highlighted by the sunlight passing through a small window exactly on those dates.

Please carry out more trash than you carry in!