SeaFarer's Friend  LbNA # 4620 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2003
LocationBandon, OR
Found By Team Springamajack
Last Found Jul 31 2005
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: This box has been removed. Do not attempt to find it. I will relocate it elsewhere soon. Thank you. *****************************************

Coquille River South Jetty

This letterbox is pretty easy to find but can be slightly treacherous getting to since you will have to walk out on a jetty, so please be careful not to fall on the rocks.
Drive into Old Town Bandon (there is a sign that says Old Town Bandon) from Highway 101. Once in old town bandon, keep to your right and drive along the pier, which is first street. keep going on this street a short distance, you will see a lighthouse on your right across the harbor, and you will end up at the Coquille River south jetty. Look out onto the Jetty and you will see a foghorn structure with an orange number 8 on it. Its hard to miss and it blows the horn every 30 seconds. CAREFULLY walk out onto the jetty and directly below the porch (a high porch you can easily walk under) is the letterbox. It is hidden under the second (there are only 2) supporting leg of the porch farthest away from the staircase). The box is behind the leg on the ocean facing side. There is 2 small greenish rocks that can be picked up and moved, all other rocks are too large to pick up, it is hidden there. There is also a lodged piece of relatively big driftwood next to it. The box is under those 2 greenish rocks.
After finding the box, carefully replace the rocks to cover it and make sure the box and its bag is sealed tight since this spot is prone to large waves and does get wet. Thanks a bunch and happy letterboxing!
P.S. The lighthouse you see in the distance may hold another surprise...
Also, this box does not contain an inkpad so please bring your own :o) And please be considerate of other letterboxers and do not use black ink, it creates an awful mess for the next person, or if you must use black please wipe the stamp clean. Thanks so much :o)