Fantastic Foursome  LbNA # 46213 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 26 2009
LocationGainesville, FL
Planted ByCurious Foursome    
Found By Lacrosse_Weirdos
Last Found Sep 11 2009
Hike Distance?

Welcome to our first attempt at letterboxing. We hope you enjoy looking for our boxes as much as we enjoyed putting them together and finding the "perfect" hiding spot.

To begin your journey you will need to travel to Greenacres Park located in SW Gainesville. The park is located in the neighborhood directly across the street from Stonewood restaurant and Royal Park Stadium 16 movie theatre. You will turn into the neighborhood at SW 38th Street, go all the way to the end and make a right on SW 6th Place, continue to the stop sign and make a left on SW 40th Street. Park in the dirt lot and begin your journey down the tree canopy path.

First box: As you begin walking down the path begin counting the trees on the right. Locate the third tree and look for the "fan like" plant. You will find the first box between the parallel trees. Easy enough!!!

As you continue down the path you will see a bare tree in the shape of a "V" or "Y", make a right at this tree to follow another path.

Second box: As you walk look for a tree on the left side, lying on its side with the roots covered with sand and leaves. Look toward the back of the root by the small spindle tree; you will need to lift moss and sticks to reveal my letterbox. Please cover the box back with the moss and sticks. Thank you!! Was that fun???!!

Third box: This is located within 5 adult steps from the second box so don't go too far. Walk across the path, towards the woods, to the tree with a knot. The letterbox is located under sticks and leaves. Please cover the box when you are done. You're almost done!!

Continue down the path and soon you should be able to see picnic tables and playground equipment.

Fourth box: Sit at the concrete picnic table with one bench seat and face away from the white picket fence. Locate the "twisted" tree trunk surrounded by small trees. Search the trunk for my letterbox. You did it!!

Congratulations on finding the Fantastic Foursomes letterboxes. Take a minute to enjoy the park. You can walk back either the way you came or go across the field, past the white fenced garden area heading south (left) and you will get back to the parking lot.