Smelly Snail  LbNA # 46218

Placed DateMar 27 2009
CountySan Juan
LocationFarmington, NM
Planted Bydragon me me fly    
Found By ArnoldZiffel
Last Found Jul 26 2012
Hike Distance?

This is my first letter box. I do hope you all have fun trying to find Mr. Smelly Snail. He is a tricky fellow as you will soon find out.

Pinion hills Blvd is where you will start. Knowledge of Spanish would be very smart. Turn towards “Rocks View” High school but don’t take their road. One more road up is the “Wilderness Pride” abode a left and then a right at the fire hydrants yellow. One more left at pavements end and then down the hill good fellow. On the hill a wild purple turret you’ll see. Park near the bottom…… listen to me. Where the tickets are purchased is a very neatly stacked rock bed. On the top layer from the left count the half plus eight more. Lift up the stone to find what’s in store. If Shakespeare’s playing you must be discreet and either way always be neat