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Fire in the Sky  LbNA # 46221

Placed DateMar 27 2009
LocationHeber, AZ
Planted ByMacabre    
Found By AZllamagirl
Last Found May 2 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is at the reported sight of the Travis Walton UFO abduction.
In November of 1975, a crew of lumberjacks tells the sheriff at nearby Heber, Arizona a fantastic story…
As they were coming home that evening from working in the Turkey Springs area, they saw a silver disk hovering over a clearing in the woods. One of their crew members, Travis Walton, let curiosity get to him and jumped out to get a closer look. The soundless disk suddenly vibrated then shot him with a beam of light, knocking him unconscious. Thinking Walton was dead and overcome with panic, the crew drove off to save themselves. After they calmed down, they rushed back to the scene to find Walton gone.
The remaining crew withstands ridicule and suspicions of foul play until Walton shows up five days later and says he was taken aboard a spaceship. He thought he had been gone only a few hours.
Evidence as to the authenticity of this story goes both ways. The crew profited from the story, which indicates a hoax for money. However, all of the crew, including Walton, have repeatedly passed lie detector tests and none have ever come forward to admit to a hoax. The crew of tough lumberjacks distraught and crying is also compelling. The Heber sheriff was reported as saying, “If they were acting, they were awfully good at it.”
This is one of the more famous UFO cases. A 1993 Hollywood film called “Fire in the Sky” was based on this incident.
Is it true? You decide…

Go to the far west side of Heber.
Turn south on Black Canyon Lane.
Set your trip odometer to zero.
Turn right on Black Canyon Road (Forest Road 486).
At 3.3 miles, look up to the right for red pictographs under overhang.
At 8.0 miles, turn left on Forest Road 487.
(Legacy Ranch on your left is owned by honcho of SkyMall.)
Wash crossing at 10.0 miles. Leave car here if you like – only 1 mile to go.
At 11.0 miles, spot green mile marker #3.
Stop in small (two vehicle) pullout on left.
Box is 12 steps downslope, under north end of granite outcrop.
Turkey Spring is 1/8 mile to the southeast, just two ravines over.
To loop back to town, turn around and go back 1.4 miles to Forest Road 50.
Or go back 3 miles and then out to enjoy Black Canyon Lake.