Israeli Flag  LbNA # 46278

Placed DateMar 27 2009
CountyOther International
LocationSede Boqer, Israel, INT
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This box is located near David Ben Gurion's final home in Sede Boqer, Israel. When you have found the entrance to the Tombs don't go that way. Instead follow the rock wall along the walkway and enjoy the view. Once you reach the corner by the 2 big rocks you are where you want to be. Behind the 2nd rock and near the tree is the flag of Israel. It is tucked out of sight underneath the large rock with a smaller rock in front of it. This is a busy path so enjoy the view while stamping in.
Please email me if this is found. I wont be back to check on the box for years, tho I do have a connection to the town. It might be possible other semi (read potential) boxers would visit.