Hurray for You!  LbNA # 46324

Placed DateMar 22 2009
LocationFairfield, OH
Planted ByThePerryFam    
Found By civilguy
Last Found Sep 23 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 23 2015

This is an easy-find letterbox [that somewhat resembles a geocache, in that it has some trinket-y stuff in it but without any coordinates given ... we like the concept, but we're really bad with a GPS!] & is located in Fairfield, OH in Harbin Park. Drive to the back of the park & park at the top of the hill in the parking lot on the right.

Walk towards the flagpole & find your way to the 5th hole of the Frisbee golf course [SW across the field, from the flag]. Just past the basket is an entrance into the woods.

Follow the trail 8 paces. At the "ancient" rock formation [hey, it could be!] take the trail to the right.
Follow this trail 8 more paces. Roughly 13 paces into the overgrowth, to the right of the trail at the base of the big twisted tree with the moss 'shelves' and under several 'sheets' of bark is the box. It's a Rubbermaid container with a stamp, stamp pad, notebook & a few fun little items [we forgot to leave the pencil]. If you have something to leave, feel free to take something. Make sure you cover it back up well!

This box was placed by a Mom & two slightly complain-y 8 year olds [explaining why it's not farther in!] Enjoy the walk & the beautiful view of Hamilton & Fairfield!