Fly Away!  LbNA # 46347

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateApr 4 2009
LocationLongview, TX
Found By Just for Grin's
Last Found Sep 16 2010
Hike Distance?

McWhorter Park located in Longview at 1100 Toler Rd. is a really nice park for the kids and bird watchers. We saw a wide range of birds and lots of squirrels, and there is a creek that runs along the path. Enjoy!

From the intersection of Loop 281 and hwy 80, go north on Loop 281 and turn left on Toler Rd. Drive to McWhorter Park but park adjacent to it in the parking lot of the James Gibson Field baseball complex. The best place to park is facing the street. Across the street you'll find the entrance to another baseball park. The trail begins just to the right of this entrance.

To the Box:
Follow the trail all the way around to the second bridge. When you get to the second bridge, turn around and go back 80 steps to a tree on the left with a hollowed out hole in it's trunk. From here, continue 15 steps and look left. There are two logs forming an "X" about 10 steps off the trail. the box is hiding under the "X". Please be sure to seal all bags and cover box.