THATS NUTS  LbNA # 46358

OwnerThe Path    
Placed DateApr 4 2009
LocationMerlin-Galice, OR
Found By Serenity Girl
Last Found May 12 2011
Hike Distance?

We checked this box on 05/07/10 and all is well. Enjoy the Path!!

Directions to Trail head:
Take Interstate 5 to merlin exit, #61, 3 miles north of Grants Pass. Head west on Merlin-Galice Road through the town of Merlin. Stay on this road and you wil come the Hellgate Canyon Bridge. Stop and enjoy the beautiful view of he bridge and surroundings if you have never seen it! Continue on and you will pass Indian Mary Park on your right and then come to Morrison's Lodge also on your right. Just around the next turn is Briggs Valley Road 25, also known as Taylor Creek Road. Turn left here and drive 12.5 miles to Big Pine Campground on your right. Turn in here and park in the day-use area at the trail head. We did not see any day-use fee signs.

To find the letterbox:
This is a very easy all you have to do is enjoy the serenity. At the trail head, you will find a map of all the trails. Take the main trail straight until you get to the Challenge Loop. Staying to the right all the way, following this trail. The trail will slope down to the right and then to the left. This part could be a little tricky in some spots if it has been raining, there are tinny trickles of water going through the path. When you get to Taylor Camp Trail #1138, take this trail to the right. About 40 steps down the trail, on your right, you will see two little logs parallel to the trail. There is a large fallen stump behind them w/ roots up in the air. Behind this stump is were you will find the letterbox. Enjoy and good luck!