Hell's Kitchen  LbNA # 46364

OwnerLightnin Bug      
Placed DateApr 4 2009
LocationBoonton, NJ
Found By Apollo's Muse
Last Found Apr 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Dedicated to that guilty pleasure of a TV show, Hell’s Kitchen. In this Faux TV reality show, contestant Chefs vie and compete to become the new executive Chef at one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. While the show does offer insight into how an upscale restaurant is run and the hard work that being a Chef can be the liberal use of profanity, especially by Chef Ramsay, on the show keep the censors quite busy.

In that vein, without the profanity, we are [bleep]ing out portions of the clue to finding this letterbox. Not being totally eevil, we provide those words in a word bank below (kind of like a test in school). Happy hunting…

Hell’s Kitchen Letterbox

Begin at the [Bleep] Mountain Natural Historic Area’s Visitor Center north of Boonton, PA. [Bleep]foot has several excellent series that will allow you explore parts of this park. From the parking lot, cross Boonton Avenue to [Bleep] Mountain and pick up the Yellow Trail. You shall pass a Red blazed [bleep] on the right. When you reach the Blue trail, take the left onto the Blue trail and begin ascending the[bleep]. When the trail levels off and you intersect the Green trail, take a right onto the Green trail. Proceed on the Green trial until you get to a Spur Trail for the [bleep] near a stone ruin. Go to the [bleep] and spot the other [bleep bleepen] off in the distance. From where you can spot the other [bleep bleepen], head to the [bleep] to the [Bleep]. From the platform in the center, spot a [bleep] at 230°. From this [bleep], you can go either:

• 170° for 9 paces to a V stump, then 45° for 4 paces to where a tree grows out between two rocks or,
• 190° for 8 paces to a generic stump, then 65° for 6 paces to the same tree between the two rocks.

Look under a [bleeping bleep of bleep](SPOM).

[Bleeping] Word Bank:

[Hell’s Kitchen]
[Hell’s Kitchen]
[Suspicious Piece Of Metal]