Ernie the Egret Goes Home  LbNA # 46369

Placed DateApr 5 2009
LocationHolmes Beach, FL
Planted ByRao-D    
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found Mar 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Coquina Bay Walk is located on the south end of Anna Maria Island across from the main entrance to Coquina Beach. Start out on the walking path and cross the Nursery Bridge. Take the 1st left after the 2nd bench and go to the top of the hill. Check out the spectacular views! After taking in the sights, go down the hill on the other side and head out across the bridge onto the boardwalk. Follow this windy boardwalk and watch for wildlife! Pass the salt flat. Head over a couple more bridges and into the Mangrove Forest. Check out the ocean view at the lookout. Turn around and take a left onto the boardwalk. Take a left at the intersection and pass a Tangled Forest. When you finally come off the boardwalk, take a left and pass the bench. Take 29 paces from the second bench (next to the "grafitti tree"). Look at the bottom of big tree with lots of limbs on your right. Ernie's home is here!