Barking Up The Right Tree  LbNA # 4637 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2003
LocationFairfield (Greenfield Hill), CT
Found By Jonesin'
Last Found May 26 2007
Hike Distance?

For more than 65 years, the women of the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church have celebrated the beauty of springtime in Fairfield with their Dogwood Festival. The festival is always held in May, beginning each year on the Friday of Mother's Day Weekend. We've placed this box in honor of this annual event.

Starting Point & Clues

Begin at the front steps of the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield, CT. With your back to the church, look to your left and ahead of you across the street for the dogwood trees. If you visit this area in the spring when they are in bloom, they are beautiful!

With your back to the doors of the church, look across the street at the huge tree on the green. Walk across the street and take a look at this immense tree!

Continue walking in a southerly direction towards the end of the green. Look for an old sign on your right indicating the location of the first Congregational Church in Greenfield. Cross the street and walk to the sign.

From this sign take a compass bearing of 220º, where you'll see a sign pointing to the Memorial Garden. Take this path. It will lead you right into the garden. There is a gate leading into the garden to keep deer out, so please just close it behind you.

As you enter the garden, look to your left and you will see a circular stone memorial with a Japanese Maple in the center. Walk through the memorial. To your left, you'll see a wooden cross with benches facing it.

Look closely at this area, there are pines on each side of the cross. Just behind these pines, are three more to the right of the cross. When you are facing the cross, take a bearing of 160º. If you look around the back, under the branches of the middle pine, you'll find out if you are Barking Up The Right Tree !

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