Winter Frolic At Mart Fog Inn  LbNA # 46380

Ownerangel treads    
Placed DateApr 5 2009
LocationFarmington, ME
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found May 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Make your way to Abbott Park, near the University of Maine in Farmington. Park near the entrance, which is nearest the building. Walk between two stone pillars, down a tarred pathway, which leads you over a small bridge and the roaring river below. After crossing the bridge, stop and turn left. Box #1 "Winter Wonderland" can be found at the corner of the bridge and the slabbed wall.
Back to the walkway and continue straight. Walk past "White Ash". Continue over a culvert which is across the path. Look left on the hill for a clump of saplings. Here lies Box #2, "Winter Essentials". Head back to "White Ash". Turn left and walk toward "White Birch". Turn right. Walk to the twin shrubs that you will see ahead of you. There is a little path between the shrubs which leads down to a stone bridge. Stop on this path and search within the shrub on your right for Box #3, "Slip, Slide, 'n Frolic". It is covered with many leaves and a piece of tar. Search hard! The logbook is included in this box.

Please rehide all boxes carefully. This can be a very busy area, so stealth is key. Let us know of your finds. Have fun!