Winter At The Narrow Gauge  LbNA # 46382

Ownerangel treads    
Placed DateApr 5 2009
LocationFarmington, ME
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found May 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Make your way to The Narrow Gauge Cinema parking lot. Park near the Prescott Field sign. Walk out beyond chained area. You will travel past a rock embankment on your left. On your right, you will pass a pine tree. Not far now, just before a gulley on your right, you will see a clump of small trees. Nestled within its base you will find wedged what you seek. B.Y.O.I. Please rehide carefully or the box may tumble! Cover with brush and the rock after stamping up.
Please let us know when you find the box and of its condition. Thanks and have fun!