Spirit Music  LbNA # 46386

Placed DateApr 5 2009
LocationHoneyBee Canyon, Oro Valley, AZ
Found By FamilyTreeShaker
Last Found Jan 19 2014
Hike Distance2-3 mi
Last EditedJan 1 2016

Near the end of this trail you will enjoy art work of some of the ancient ones. A little further on Spirit Music is being played over the canyon in their honor.

1 of 2 at HoneyBee Canyon North Trail
2 miles round trip.
Flat except for retrieving the box.
You are walking in a wash so it is like walking in coarse beach sand.
Trail runs basically N/S so there is some shade in the early morning and later afternoon.

To get to the trail head. Go to the parking for HoneyBee park in Rancho Vistoso. It is about equidistant from both Oracle and Tangerine.

Coming from Tangerine, go 3.0 miles and turn right into the parking at the sign that says park entrance.
Coming from Oracle, go 3.1 miles. You will see the entrance on your left. Go until you can make a U-Turn and come back to the entrance.

When leaving the park you can go right to oracle or go right to the first U-Turn to get back to Tangerine.

To the box:
Take the North Trail
From the parking lot follow the railed sidewalk down toward the bathrooms and ramada. BEFORE you get as far as the bathrooms, go right onto a dirt trail. A sign marks it saying: "Caution Nature Area. Use Recreation Area at your own risk," etc. etc. Follow this trail around to the right and the wash. At the wash go north under the Rancho Vistoso bridge.

The trail and the wash are one. It is virtually impossible to get "off" the trail. Enjoy the meandering canyon walk through occasional tree croppings. When you come to a broken wall you will know you are near. You will have to step up a bit to continue. Watch for the art of the ancient ones on your left. Stop and take some pictures and empty the sand out of your shoes. After your respite, continue on to the solid, unbroken wall marking the end of this part of the wash and trail.

Go right and climb. At or near the top stop and orient yourself.

Dead Tree @ 330 (there is a very clear view of this tree. If your view is blocked, move
Ocatillo @ 230
Cholla @ 150
Very Mature Saguaro @ 60

Look down by your left foot Under a larger next to a smaller behind a little.

As always watch out for things that poke, bite, or sting. NO JOKE!
Take enough water for your and your company. Box may not be available during monsoon/flash flood season.

Please note that there is no room for hitch hikers. Please do not try to force one in the box or it will not seal properly and will leak.

When you return to the ramadas, enjoy a snack or lunch in the shade while you rest from your exertions.

Hike Length: 2.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 30 feet