The Flying Baby Box  LbNA # 46407

OwnerThe Naughty Trolls    
Placed DateApr 6 2009
LocationMadison, WI
Found By babygramps
Last Found Jan 1 2015
Hike Distance?

This box is located in the Glenwood Children's Park which is at 602 Glenwood Street in Madison.

Start at the playground and go down one of the numerous trails into the valley. Go to the head of the gorge lined on both sides by sandstone. Standing on the only concrete slab, face the downhill direction of the valley.

Take 25 paces down the path. On each side of the trail, there is a large tree. The tree on the right has a large boulder next to it. Here is where you will find a flying baby. Look behind a cantelope-sized sandstone rock. The box is underneath the large boulder.

Please rehide well with leaves and large rock. We are not yet stamp carvers, so this is a purchased stamp.

Enjoy the park with your children and make a fort or two. Nice ring of stones to enjoy a picnic lunch!

Link for more info on the park: