The Impossible Dippy Bird  LbNA # 46420

Placed DateApr 7 2009
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By TheAquaticAdventurers
Last Found Oct 17 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 17 2015

The Impossible Dippy Bird

When I was a child we had a "Happy Drinking Bird". I don't know what became of it, although it surely broke at some time. When my son was small, I got a new one, and he was equally fascinated by it for a while. Then I stored it away until the grandson came along. He too enjoyed watching it - until it met its demise (splat on the kitchen floor). I thought it would be fun to plant a box in its memory. When you find the box, you will understand the title. Because of the nature of the stamp, I had hoped to plant it on April 1, but the weather and other events conspired. But he's out there now, frozen in perpetual non-motion, waiting for you. Don't let him down.

Find the RV park by the mini train. Head south on the gravel road at the south end of the RV park. Cross the tracks twice. At the sand pit go 215 degrees to the west edge of the pit to north-south dirt trail. The pit area can be muddy in wet weather, but you can make your way around the edge on higher ground. It's a bit brushier, but not too difficult. Go southward on trail and cross two major drainages. The hills at each are a bit steep and can be slippery when wet. Just before the third drainage, you will see three sawn logs lying across the path. In the root end of the first log you will find the birds camo nest.

Although this area doesn't get as much use as other parts of the park, please be very discreet when you recover and rehide the box. Cover well. Thanks. Have fun.

Please let me know if the box is missing or needs maintenance. I appreciate your comments. Thanks.