Pink Pelican  LbNA # 46466

Placed DateApr 8 2009
LocationPacific Grove, CA
Planted ByPink Pelican    
Found By Da Kool Kats
Last Found Sep 15 2009
Hike Distance?

The Pink Pelican in the Boulders
Pacific Grove, Ca

Easy find if you follow the clues

short (500 yards) but wear tennies and be prepared to climb a little...also be respectful of others in the area....alive or dead.


Start at the Poor Man's Pebble Beach

Buy a cold one...but not a Coke

With your back to the big blue dispenser and the Pacific you will see a stone path...follow it until you get to the large marble structure laden with bouquets.

Stand at the northeast corner of the marble structure and look down on David Parker Kennedy. Now looking east you will see three trees in a row but at an angle and between them you will find Ruth Johnson Hartwig.

From Ruth's place proceed North toward the Poor Man's Pebble Beach and the knarled tree and the cement litter there.

Then take the wood chip path toward the white post...climb slightly uphill until you are in the boulders...WATCH YOUR STEP!!

Go to the highest point and look between the top ones...leave me your stamp and a note. Please return securely.....and respect all the residents.