The Killer Called Zodiac  LbNA # 46476 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 1 2009
LocationSpanish Flat, CA
Planted ByMacabre    
Found By
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This letterbox is placed at the scene of a murder committed by the infamous Zodiac Killer. This was probably the most flamboyant – and strangest – of all the murders attributed to him. By this time, September 1969, Zodiac had already shot two couples parked in their cars on two separate nights. Fortunately, one of the victims survived. He then began to send coded letters to the local newspapers. After a very difficult time cracking the code, the letters proclaimed the killer’s joy of killing and using the souls of the dead as slaves in the afterlife. More importantly, it provided proof of the letter writer’s guilt. Most importantly, the letter claimed he would get caught if the letter was decoded. The letter was decoded except for the last eighteen letters. Many believe this is the Zodiac’s real name. This last eighteen character code has never been deciphered.

The couple from our crime was picnicking and relaxing in this area when a man dressed in an executioners black hood and a black shirt with a crosshair on the chest (what later would be the Zodiac’s symbol) walked up and pointed a gun at them. He tied them up and stabbed them. The woman died but the man survived. The Zodiac then called the police to report his crime.

After a few more letters – and a few more murders – the Zodiac disappeared. A major suspect died in 1992, but DNA seemed to rule him out. In 2007, a man stepped forward and said his dead stepfather was the Zodiac. He even had the black costume supposedly used in our crime. As of this posting, the FBI is still investigating this latest development.

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Click on Resort and Facilities Map and Information Flyer hyperlink for a map of the lake
Make your way to the Oak Shores Day-Use Area
Circle left around the kiosk and follow signs to Twin Oaks Ridge (this is the area of the attack)
Continue to Patwin Grove parking area
Walk to the covered picnic table on top of the hill
Go downhill 37 steps at 340* magnetic
Box is under NW corner of bush