A Rummage Is A Garage Sale  LbNA # 46500

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateApr 10 2009
LocationGenesee Depot, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Mar 13 2015
Hike Distance?

This box is part of my series of Things I Learned When I Moved to Wisconsin.

It's name comes from this story: Imagine a flatlander's puzzlement when her new neighbor asked her if she likes to go rummaging? Huh? Um, I rummage a lot trying to find stuff in the moving boxes. Then she told me that a rummage was a garage sale.

It's location in the town of Genesee Depot was initially in honor of my DF Maria, who LOVES to rummage.

It's specific location was picked when I saw the name of the place. I was reminded of stories I'd heard of how some famous visitors to the town could be seen shopping and antiquing like normal folk. These famous visitors included Katherine Hepburn and Helen Hayes.

The location is named after the most famous residents ever of Genesee Depot.

From the parking area, take off for a hike on the trail to the west. This is a hilly, rocky trail at times. Care was taken to avoid the many thorny plants you may see. This is a longer hike than most of my boxes - maybe 45 minutes round-trip. When you get to the double arrow trail sign, take the trail at 81 degrees. Eventually you'll see a couple of ponds, one on the left and one on the right. At the Y-intersection, head off at 172 degrees for about 133 steps. You'll pass a steep slide down to the water on your left. The trail will cut rhough a mini-kettle - at the far side, take a bearing of 109 degrees. First you'll see a small red oak, then a giant tree (probably a red oak, too). Past that is your rummage - located at the top of a "tripod" formed by two large branches, one with bark, one without.

To get back to the parking area, return to double arrow sign. Take the path not previously taken. When you get to a double arrow sign at a t-intersection, continue on the same path, do not turn.

I hope you enjoyed this hike - I never knew this park existed despite having driven nearby for 11.5 years - I love the wonderful hidden treasures that letterboxing helps me find!