Dinosaur Adventureland!  LbNA # 46513

Placed DateApr 4 2009
LocationWest Lafayette, IN
Planted ByZombie Commando    
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WARNING: Attempting to find this box will put you in danger of encountering dangerous, man-eating dinosaurs! Only attempt this letterboxing adventure if you think this type of thing is awesome!
Begin your adventure at Horticulture Park, near the corner of McCormick Rd. and State St., across the street from Purdue West. Begin your trek down the trail, eventually coming to an emergency phone on your left. Take note of it, as it may be your only savior in the event of a dinosaur attack. To your right, you will note a large dinosaur house. Do not go near it unless you wish to be eaten. Continue forward and a little right through the small parking lot and onto the narrow foot path. While on this path, if you see any runners, try to keep up with them, as they are most likely running from dinosaurs. All you need to do is be faster than someone else and you should be safe.
Continue along the path until you come to a fork. Head right toward the swampy tar pits. You should also take note of these pits, as it is possible to trick pesky dinosaurs into getting trapped in the muck, so that you not only stave off death, but you can preserve the rare beasts for future generations! Cross the pits over the log paths and proceed along the green fence to your right, which encircles another dinosaur abode. You have every right to be concerned about the flimsiness of such a fence when faced with the powerful jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex. Distance yourself from it at the first opportunity, taking a left at the next fork in the path.
Once you have sufficiently distanced yourself from the fence, you should come to a wooden bridge and it is time to start looking for the box. It is under the plank half-eaten by a brontosaurus. Make sure someone is continuously on the lookout for further dinosaur attacks while the box is examined. We recommend that one person sits on the bridge with their legs dangling off, while the other person stands on the bridge and jumps up and down to ward off the dinosaurs.