The Coveted Cardinal Badge  LbNA # 46518

OwnerThe Tikihama Campers    
Placed DateApr 11 2009
LocationEagan, MN
Found By JoeWho
Last Found Sep 1 2010
Hike Distance?

At Camp Tikihama, badges can be earned for canoeing and swimming at Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, recent “incidents” at the camp have closed it down, so your adventure will have to take place at Schulze Lake in Lebanon Hills Park in Eagan Minnesota. (To find the park, take 35E heading South from St. Paul. Exit at Cliff Road and turn left. Lebanon Hills has several entrances. This one is the second entrance as you head down Cliff Road.) While you may choose to canoe or swim, we suggest a treasure hunt where you can earn the coveted “Cardinal Badge.”

Your adventure begins at the walking path that runs between the Visitor Center and the Canoe Rental. Before long, you will come to a crossroads. Turning right would be a no-no – it is for traditional skiers only (and if you are on skis, there will be too much snow to find this treasure!). Traveling straight is a lovely walk, but you would much prefer to stay close to the lake for this adventure.

The “crystal water” will be to your left as you head down the path. You will quickly arrive at a T intersection (hint: the marker number is a prime number – yes, we even have a mathematics badge at our camp). At Camp Tikihama, we would choose the rugged path to the right, but not knowing what your own skill level is, we suggest you continue straight ahead.

The path will snake around (more like a snake with serious back issues). You will turn right, then left, then right again (think RLR). If you are still on track, the sandy beach across the lake will be directly to your back.

A sign on your left will alert you that you are close to your treasure. On the right side of the trail, directly across from the sign, you will see a number of old logs. Walk 6 paces to the wide “V” formed by two logs. Beware: prickly brambles may scratch if you are not careful! If you discover your treasure, you will receive your “honorary cardinal badge.”