Little Bugger 1  LbNA # 46531

Placed DateApr 11 2009
LocationBaraboo, WI
Found ByThe Cracked Belle (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 30 2014


This search should take about an hour.

1.Start at the north side of Devilís Lake State Park.
2.Take the east low trail along the railroad tracks.
3.Youíll pass a stream near telephone pole #172.
4.After passing the second white post marking an underground cable, you should come across a tree covered slope on your left side. If you face the slope and look to your left, north, you should see that the cliff face resembles a male Aztec. Walk 44 paces past the white cable marking post (halfway to the next telephone post) and youíll be facing the letterbox
5.Look up until you see what is left of a dead birch tree, home to many turkey-tail fungi and riddled with woodpacker holes. The stump must be about 15 feet tall.
6.Youíll find the Little Bugger hiding behind the tree.