Singing Bees  LbNA # 46554 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 12 2009
LocationBeresford, SD
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Hike Distance?

Go to Union Grove State Park. Go up the hill. Go down the middle road at the fork at the top of the hill. The first trail marker you see, stop and park. The marker should be by a gnarled tri-trunked tree. Proceed down the trail. If you see a red and white striped pole you are on the right track. Keep going.
You should now be in a clearing where there is a stone monument to your left. At the faded hiking sign turn right and hike down the trail. You will soon see a stone fireplace to your right. Just past it you will see the Limbo Tree. Continue to the septa-trunked tree (7). Walk 8 steps into the dip. STOP. Turn towards the creek. Descend to the plateau. If the path divides and you see a wooden railing on the trail you have gone too far. When you are on the plateau look to your left and see a cracked, moss covered log; look to your right and see a arched log. Look under that for the treasure. It is covered. When you find it re-hide well. Have fun!